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News from Xaar

Xaar, the leader in industrial inkjet technology headquartered in Cambridge/GB has signed an agreement with Xerox Corp­oration to partner in bulk piezoelectric (piezo) inkjet printheads.

This partnership capitalises on each company’s considerable expertise in bulk piezo printhead development. Xaar also announced a new partnership with the Italian ink manufacturer Metco S.r.l. to deliver Xaar-approved Solvent Soluble Inks (SSI) for use in GS12C and GS40C variants of the Xaar 1003 printhead and the Xaar 2001 GS12C.
Established in 1990 in Bologna/IT, Metco was the first company in the world able to develop a set of completely soluble inks without using gold for magenta. These inks are used in the production of highly polished Lappato tiles found in commercial high traffic locations such as shopping malls and public buildings. All Xaar-approved inks go through the XaarDOT® fluid optimisation process which includes determining complex rheological characteristics of a fluid to identify and fix reasons for poor performance; materials compatibility and lifetime testing to evaluate the effect of the fluid on the printhead and to establish fluid robustness; waveform optimisation to ensure greater drop placement accuracy as well as optimised oper­ating voltage; and verification of the consistency and reliability of the fluid over a period of one year of heavy usage. In add­ition, Xaar-approved inks are warranted against long-term damage to the printhead.

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