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NürnbergMesse Group Achieves New Record Revenue

The NürnbergMesse Group closed 2012 with a record revenue level of some EUR 220 million.

All divisions set new records, which makes the strongest financial year ever in the company’s history an even more brilliant achievement. With group revenue up by some 7 % over 2010, a more comparable year in terms of the event programme, the managing directors expect the annual financial statement to show a profit that will more than compensate for the loss in the financial year 2011. The coming year 2013, with a lower volume of business due to event cycles in the odd years, is geared mainly to India, because Nürnberg-​Messe India PVT Ltd., the group’s fifth subsidiary abroad, will be founded in New Delhi in spring 2013. At the same time, NürnbergMesse focuses on its home base in Nürnberg, where the team produces just under 90 % of the total revenue. NürnbergMesse will therefore also invest strongly in its home location in future announcing that EUR 140 million are planned for this purpose until 2017. (12/2012)

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