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Qualicer Zoom 2012

During the 12th QUALICER (13th–14th February 2012) the Qualicer Zoom will gather the most distinguished experts on digital printing who will participate at two panel debates of two hours long, several papers and other parallel activities as for example a practical course on the issue in English.

The Strategy Panel Debate will be chaired by J. Cabedo, General Manager of Endeka Ceramics, and some of the subjects to be dealt include, digital printing: past, present, and future and the advantages of this technique. P. Hausdorff, General Manager of Ferro Spain and responsible for the Ink Jet Division; A. Blasco, General Manager of Esmalglass-Itaca Group; J. Cifre, Manager of Argenta Cerámica; J. V. Tomás, Manager of Kerajet and S. Ceprià, Manager of Cretaprint, will participate in the debate. J. L. Amorós, Director of ITC (Instituto de Tecnología Cerámica), will chair the Technology Panel Debate, where technical aspects like definition, layers, drops, inks, pigments, etc. will be discussed. R. Porcar, Sales Manager and head of the technical services of Ink jet Division of Ferro Spain; J. F. Valenzuela, Ink jet Project Manager of Esmalglass-Itaca Group; J. V. Tomás; P. Benito, Technical Director of Cretaprint; E. Casañ, Technical Director of Argenta Cerámica and V. Sanz, Nanotechnology Division of ITC, will participate as experts in the debate. The panel debate on Green Procurement and the Sustainable Building Construction, chaired by E. Monfort, will count on the intervention of B. Griese, Standards Development and Green Initiative Manager at Tile Council of North America; A. O. Boschi, Manager of the Ceramic Tile Laboratory in the Materials Engineering Department of the Federal University of São Carlos, Brazil; and A. Floriach, Deputy President of CAATEEB (College of Building Supervisors, Technical Architects and Building Engineers of Barcelona). Further information is available at: (11/2011).

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