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RAK Retains No. 1 Ranking as Ceramic Tile Manufacturer

RAK Ceramics has been named once again as the world’s largest ceramic tile manufacturer by the Ceramic World Review. RAK Ceramics retained its top ranking among the 25 biggest ceramic tile manufacturers of 2010

after further raising its production output to 117 Mm2 from 115 Mm2 in 2009. RAK currently operates below its maximum production capacity of 117 Mm2. The company likewise maintained its place among the top four tile manufacturers in terms of value with a total turnover of EUR 613 million in 2010. In the Ceramic World Review’s list of the world’s top bathware tile manufacturers, RAK Ceramics has placed 13th overall with a total production output of 4,3 Mm2 in 2010. RAK Ceramics employs over 8500 people in the UAE and 15000 people worldwide and currently has 10 factories in the UAE as well as production facilities in Bangladesh, Sudan, China, India and Iran. The company exports up to 85 % of its production output to more than 150 countries, which is in line with its aggressive global growth strategy. RAK is a USD 1 billion global conglomerate in the ceramic industry, offering a product portfolio comprising over 8000 designs in ceramic tiles, Gres Porcellanato, and several models in bathware (8/2011).


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