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Riedhammer Sanitaryware Firing Solution for Eczacıbasi

The Turkish group Eczacıbasi leads the European and Middle Eastern sanitaryware markets thanks to its company Vitra which has a yearly output capacity of over 5 million pieces.

Eczacıbasi confirmed that it will be firing its sanitaryware using Riedhammer/DE technology. An HWS 6/500/210-G PF shuttle kiln is, in fact, already up and running at the plant in Bozüyük. This kiln, built by Riedhammer, the SACMI Group’s German subsidiary, has an effective volume of 63 m3, an effective height of 2,1 m, and an output capacity of about 400 complex WCs per cycle. Products fired/re-fired in this kiln are of optimal quality, a result achieved thanks to a very high temperature uniformity. The kiln has also a very low specific gas consumption, just 1400 kcal/kg of fired product. These parameters have been accomplished thanks to the design principles of Riedhammer Pulse Firing shuttle kilns, which allow optimal heat distribution throughout the kiln chamber.

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