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SABO System Dryer Cars in Colombia

SABO IMPIANTI Brazil in collaboration with SABO S.A./GR have been trusted to realize a new project for their customer, Ladrillera La Clay in Cartagena de Indias in Colombia.

The new project consists of refurbishing the loading and unloading dryer cars line and the connection to the robotic kiln car setting machine that SABO installed in 2015. The project is located in one of the most attractive and touristic cities of the country on the Colombian Atlantic coast. The constant growth of the city’s hotel projects and the creation of social housing, makes necessary the presence of a brick supplier with a high production capacity and high quality. Once the SABO setting machine was installed, resulting in an increased daily setting capacity of 600 t in 16 h, the bricks factory had to look after the renovation of the machines supplying the setting system. As a result, SABO had to renovate the dryer cars loading system with an automatic loader and to implement a new unloading system of the dry products as well as a continuous feeding system of the setting equipment. Stopping manual handling of the setting equipment resulted in an increased drying production capacity of almost 30 %. The dryer cars were redesigned by SABO, so that an increased number of products can be loaded on them. With the new system, bricks of a better quality were produced due to the better handling of the wet and dry products. The efficiency of the production line was improved and cost savings were achieved.

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