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SACMI Acquired 100 % of Eurofilter

SACMI has acquired 100 % ownership of Eurofilter, the leading provider of environmental services to the ceramic industry and other sectors. The decision was made official on 1 August.

It aims to see the company – 20 % of which has been owned by SACMI since 2015 –, already a market leader with over 2500 installed systems, achieve further growth. The operation will also see Eurofilter play a key role in the SACMI Group development plans as its solutions and services are applicable to multiple businesses and are set to play a pivotal “green” role that mirrors the growing importance of the environmental aspects of smart production 4.0.
“This takeover comes at a time of ever-stricter regulations – Italy already has advanced environmental protection laws – and a growing awareness that sustainability and other ‘green’ issues are the keystones to implementation of Industry 4.0”, observes the President of SACMI Imola, Paolo Mongardi.
Founded in 1968 as a service company inside the budding Sassuolo ceramic district, Eurofilter, which now employs 60 people, has steadily grown to become the district’s main environmental service provider. Its products range from dust extraction systems to waste/process water treatment solutions, from fume capture/treatment to heat retrieval. “When it comes to environmental matters, our district pays the utmost attention to regu­lations and environment-related awareness. One of today’s greatest challenges is transferring this approach to all world markets, both those where the implementation of environmental services is something new and those similar to our own where regulations and the current situ­ation in the ceramic industry is decidedly underdeveloped compared to that in our own companies”, explains Claudio Marani, General Manager of the SACMI Group. After boom years as a “local company”, Eurofilter’s subsequent international experience with major players in the Italian ceramic industry, with installations from USA to Mexico, from Asia to South Amer­ica, proved to be a key development driver. Now, by drawing on the full potential of the SACMI Global Network, that expertise and experience will be put to even better use.
The classic filters installed in presses and spray dryers, or systems for purifying and fully recycling waters used in glazing and lapping are key areas in which Eurofilter, which already accounts for over 50 % of the whole market production value, is very good placed to penetrate multiple target sectors and achieve further growth, in parallel with improvements in quality and an expansion of the range of services provided.

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