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SACMI-Gaiotto – Sales Record for Robotized Glazing System

SACMI-Gaiotto developed the first robots to feature hydraulic technology back in the mid-1980s and since then, with the evergreater use of electronics, the Group succeeded in installing over 1000 robotized glazing systems, in operation all over the globe.

These include the 280th robot to be produced from the GA 2000 series, sold to Duravit/DE, one of the biggest players in the sanitaryware industry and highly renowned for its product quality and design. This particular robot will be installed in the Duravit’s plants in China, a market that, until very recently, was the least likely to go for such a solution on account of its vast pool of low-cost labour. Unlike in the past, there are no longer places in the world where the human factor can be seen as secondary and efforts can be focussed exclusively on cost-cutting. Yet it’s in China – in the wake of countries like India and Turkey where SACMI-Gaiotto has seen a marked increase in sales – where demographic adjustments and improved living conditions have seen the rapid emergence of demand for such solutions, which ensure improved finished product quality and eliminate manual coating and glazing tasks typically very harmful to worker health. Alongside 440 hydraulic robots already supplied by SACMI-Gaiotto and the 340 RE91 and GA900 robots – from the first series, initially developed and marketed back in the 1990s – some 300 robots from the new range GA2000 and GAOL have also been installed, the latter including the robot supplied to Duravit’s Chinese factory. SACMI- Gaiotto is seen as the only competitor currently capable of offering complete ceramic sanitaryware robotized glazing solutions.

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