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SACMI-SAMA Teamwork for a Strategic Order in Iran

Iranian firm Pars Chini, the leading tableware producer in the north of the country, has signed a contract with SACMI-SAMA for the supply of a spray-drying system and a parallel isostatic pressing system.

This order comes after the long-standing international embargo on this Asian country was lifted, a development that has allowed the company to make strategic investment decisions. At the design stage a key role was played by smooth synergy between the SACMI Imola Research Center/IT and the new SAMA lab/ DE; the latter was inaugurated this year on the occasion of the firm’s 20th anniversary – it has been part of the SACMI Group since 1997. The Imola facility, in fact, developed the granulate, which was tested at the all-new lab in Weißenstadt where the German subsidiary is based. The customer deemed the test results to be extremely satisfying and immediately greenlighted the contract for the spray-dryer and the 7 integrated isostatic pressing centres, including accessories for the manufacture of square and rectangular tableware. During the development phase a delegation from Pars Chini visited the Imola research center several times to follow the project’s progress and witness tests on the granulate, obtained from filtration residue. Already delivered to Iran, both spray dryer and pressing system will soon be assembled, allowing the company to start production shortly. Among other things, the customer also strongly benefited from highly effective teamwork between SACMI and SAMA: the latter are currently enjoying considerable success in this strategic area, which has enormous growth potential as a result of loosening international pressure and a consequent, steady opening up of the market.

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