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SACMI Technology for Sanitaryware in Brazil and Poland

Deca, Brazil’s biggest sanitaryware manufacturer and part of the Duratex Group, has strengthened its long partnership with SACMI/IT by installing a new ALS pressure casting machine at its plant in Recife, the capital of the Pernambuco State. This strategic investment regarding technological renewal and modernisation strengthens a long-standing partnership between SACMI and Deca as SACMI supplied the company over the years with the complete manufacturing plants from kilns over casting lines and glazing lines.

The machine is able to cast a daily cap­acity of 1050 pieces split between wash­basins and pedestals thanks to the installed 15 multi-cavity moulds. Already fully oper­ational since several months, the new casting machine reinforces the role of the Recife production plant in the Duratex Group’s ongoing growth and development plans in Brazil and, indeed, across the whole Latin America.
Cersanit Poland (Rovese Group) is also investing in SACMI high-pressure casting technology for sanitaryware production. Following the successful installation of the first robotized casting centre for manufacturing complex WCs in 2017, the company has acquired eight new AVI casting modules for its Krasnystaw Plant. Arranged to form two casting centres, the casting modules will be equipped with robots to perform the complete mould handling, transfer of the cast pieces to the pre-dryer and loading the kiln cars.
Each centre is equipped with an FPV pre-dryer, a SACMI solution that due to the controlled moisture-related shrinkage immediately after de-moulding reduces energy consumption and limits space requirements. This makes the subsequent product handling easier and is particularly advantageous when managing WCs of complex shape and considerable size. Alongside, the casting centres assure higher daily productivity which is quantified following the modules testing at approx 380 cast pieces.
The SACMI modelling unit, including two new moulds, will saturate the output cap­acity of one of the new casting stations, all of which equipped with a laser-guided mould alignment system to make replacement tasks even faster and more precise. Part of a wider plant renewal plan, this investment in SACMI technology goes hand in hand with the already-operational robotized glazing solutions i.e. the new, recently tested SACMI-Gaiotto 2-coat glazing units.

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