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Spare Parts and Assistance – Online at SACMI S.P.A.C.E.

SACMI S.P.A.C.E (Sacmi Portal for Aftersales and Customer service Excellence) is the new integrated system for managing SACMI’s supplies and orders.

Promoted and developed by the SACMI Customer Service Division, the platform consists of an advanced service package that provides customers with close support right from the very first stages of ordering and, subsequently, throughout the working life of the machine or plant. ­SACMI brings together a set of services already widely available via its global network, from assistance – before, during and after sales – to fast spare parts delivery. In addition to Daily Lifetime Support, the range of services includes advanced packages such as Life Extension, Academy and Advanced Lifetime Support, services that can stretch beyond the normal working lifetime of the machine to include replacement and/or revamping of specific parts or entire lines. Customers can count on close support right from the design stage, receiving training and vital info on e-learning platforms. Later, they receive production management support. SACMI S.P.A.C.E. provides full technical documentation on all machines (SACMI E-Docs), including upgrades and new implementations, and a complete package of administrative services (e-invoice, e-pay).Another key aspect of the SPACE portal is the personalisation. Customers can, in fact, access a reserved area to manage order details and administrative procedures (invoicing etc.) or directly request, online, remote or on-site technical assistance services, performed by specialised personnel.

At Tecnargilla 2018, dozens of SACMI customers had the opportunity to attend a presentation of the new services and portal. SACMI’s goal is to ensure customers to become familiar with SPACE, together with the SACMI 4.0 technologies and services.

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