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Steuler Group Invested in SACMI Technology

Nord Ceram/DE has gone for the SACMI-developed CONTINUA+ technology, making it one of the first 10 companies in the world – and the very first in Germany – to install this system, which was previewed at Tecnargilla 2014.

Located in Bremerhaven, on Germany’s North coast, and part of the Steuler Group, Nord Ceram has decided to make a name for itself in the large porcelain slab segment by relying on SACMI’s innovative continuous compaction and decoration technology, which poses no restrictions on size or thickness. The key factors of this plant engineering solution – installed and tested in record time and fully operative as of 24 March – are outstanding flexibility, ensured by both the broad thickness range (from 6–20 mm) and integration with the unfired material cutting line which eliminates both scrap and production downtimes. The new porcelain tile sizes range from 25 mm × 150 mm to 120 mm × 120 mm, with thickness between 10–20 mm. Together with the new CONTINUA+, SACMI also supplied the company with a horizontal 5-layers dryer – suitable for both large sizes and structured products – and the digital decoration featuring the DDD (dry digital decoration) unit. Lastly, there is the new Ekoroll packaging solution by NuovaFima (a NuovaSima brand), a SACMI Group company specialising in the design and construction of end-of-line solutions.

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