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TECAUMA – Handling Line for Long Lintels

TECAUMA has an experience of 35 years in the manufacture of heavy clay products: bricks, roofing tiles and special products.

For example, the company developed a cutter which can reach a productivity of 60 roofing tiles/min. The company supplies also cutters and robots for handling wet and dry bricks as well as palletizing robots. TECAUMA is acknowledged for its expertise in robotics, and was therefore able to take part in projects for the robot handling of non-standard products. For example, TECAUMA developed a multi-facing product handling robot which can stack a lot of different products according to several stacking layouts. Recently, the company commissioned a new handling line for long lintels on BOUYER LEROUX STRUCTURE’s production site in La Boissière du Doré/FR. TECAUMA takes charge of the handling of these special heavy clay products up to 3-m long from the dryer output until palletizing. The line includes loading and unloading on kiln cars, and a sawing and assembly line.

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