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The Versatility of NEXTREMA® Glass-Ceramics – a Catalyst for Industry and Product Design

In today’s world, glass still remains one of the most commonly used materials. However, especially in high-temperature applications, glass quickly reaches its limits as thermal shocks and maximum temperatures might lead to breakage and failure.

An alternative material offering perfect solutions for different applications is SCHOTT NEXTREMA® glass-ceramic. “Next EXTREme MAterial,” justifies the claim by combining the qualities of technical glass with high-temperature materials. The result is a unique list of material specifications ensuring the product platform a place across industries and applications.

“For product development and process optimization, we collaborate with companies from a number of industries such as chemical, mechanical engineering, and consumer electronics,” notes Roberto Perez Castro, Head of Product Management NEXTREMA®. “We have recently launched a great campaign to create awareness for this fascinating all-round talent and stimulate thoughts of Engineers and Product Designers alike to think of glass-ceramic not just as a brittle or fragile material – because it’s not.”

NEXTREMA® has been developed to withstand temperatures up to 950 °C not to mention rapid temperature changes of up to 820 °C. Glass-ceramic is ideal when used as a viewing window in gas grills or as a cover for gas burners, but also in different industrial applications, for example as carrier plate, viewing window, heater cover, or additional insulation layer. Moreover, it is employed as room or office partitioning. Yet, the high-tech material also has a smooth, non-porous surface, which is easy to clean. Ideal for all uses in laboratory surroundings or where chemically stable materials are required.

“To enable the highest level of design freedom, we offer NEXTREMA® in different thicknesses and six material options,” explains Roberto Perez Castro.

Fire? Ice? Acid? NEXTREMA®! Because glass-ceramic solutions are on target to impress with material properties to inspire industrial and commercial product designs.

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