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Trend’s Australian Project Takes New Material Forward

The Chinese company Trend Industrial Ceramics developed a material designated TUZ especially for use in viaduct and deck blocks as well as other kiln furniture used in the heavy clay ceramics industry.

The main raw material in TUZ is reclaimed cordierite-mullite, combining to offer two principal advantages, the thermal shock stability of cordierite and the high temperature strength of mullite. When selecting and developing the particle size, Trend opted for a distribution of coarse grain size of 2 mm to a finer particle of 0,1 mm. This results in the optimum loose packed density. It allows the finished product to reach a density of 2 g/cm3, modulus of rupture to 13 MPa and thermal expansion coefficient of 2,4 × 10–6 K–1, guaranteeing good strength and safety in what is an elevated temperature and high loading environment. Trend has subsequently announced that TUZ has been successfully trialled by leading Australian brick manufacturers, with the expert support of Annexus, the agent for the Trend range of heavy clay ceramics kiln furniture products in the Australasian region. Trend developed both extrusion and pressing manufacturing methods for these brick kiln products and with the extrusion method more hollow shapes can be manufactured, lowering the overall weight of the piece, and therefore also increasing thermal efficiency at the end user’s kiln. This is achieved without any loss in product strength.

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