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Young Scientist Award 2014 – Particle, Dispersion Characterization and Material Testing

LUM GmbH/DE is market leader in analytical instruments for direct and accelerated characterization of dispersions and particles. With the addition of another new instrument line, users can now characterize entire pro­duct life cycles from start to finish by using a broad range of LUM dispersion and adhesion analyzers.

Ever since LUM was founded in 1994 out of a university laboratory, foun­der and Managing Director Prof. Dr Dietmar Lerche, has always kept close to his roots by putting science first. This core philosophy has allowed LUM’s own research team, along with the close cooperation with outside scientific partners, to design and create the industry’s leading line of dispersion and adhesion analyzers. Promoting young researchers for industry and academic institutions is an integral part of LUM strategy. This is partly reflected by the popular ­internships and positions LUM offers to graduating students from all over the world. In 2013 alone, LUM hosted colleagues from Spain, Germany, Poland, Turkey and Hungary. With Young Scientist Award 2014 LUM hopes to broaden its support and commitment in promoting young researchers from universities and ­aca­demic institutions all across the globe. The submissions of relevant scientific results to the organizing committee of the workshop are hereby strongly encouraged.
To qualify, any applicant must meet the following conditions:
• Experimental results that advance the understanding of the general scientific community in the field of dispersion and particle analysis using LUM instruments obtained within the last two years.
• The scientific significance of the results is met by submitting a Master or PhD thesis, a peer-reviewed publication or, in case of unpublished results, a detailed description of work.
• A one page abstract along with a letter of recommendation by the supervisor are required.
A jury will select the laureate by 15 November 2013. The winner of the Young Scientist Award 2014 will be given the opportunity to present her/his work at the International Workshop. The award also includes free workshop participation, a 3 night accommodation in Berlin,
and prize money of EUR 750. Deadline for application is 30 October 2013. (8/2013)

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