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Visit us at CERAMITEC 2022 and discover the digital world of DORST TECHNOLOGIES. 

DORST IoT Solutions – DORST Digital Services Digitalization as the Key to more Transparency and Safety in the Production Process 

With its own IoT division, DORST TECHNOLOGIES is a pioneer in solutions for the acquisition, provision and analysis of machine and process data in powder shaping. With digital service offerings and products, DORST TECHNOLOGIES supports its customers throughout the entire life cycle of their equipment. 

Under the brand name DORST IoT Solutions, DORST TECHNOLOGIES continuously develops innovative software tools for the digital, data-driven production of pressed parts made of metal powder, technical ceramics, hard metal and ceramics. The core is the so-called IoT Fieldmanager with hardware and a powerful software suite, which can be expanded modularly according to customer requirements and needs into a comprehensive end-to-end system for DORST machines. In addition to its own hardware, this full package also includes optional, machine-specific sensor bundles for the extended acquisition of condition data. 

With this approach, every press in the production environment is understood as a valuable data source for the intelligent data mining. The IoT Fieldmanager enables all relevant data of the production, the machine and the process to be acquired, processed and refined for purposeful analysis in real time, both on a part-by-part and cycle-by-cycle basis. This is achieved by algorithms developed specifically for the machine type and the process as well as applied machine learning methods, which filter out typical patterns and regularities from the continuous data stream and then put them into a holistic context. The information thus obtained from the refined data forms the valuable basis for practical, user-friendly monitoring of production and seamless condition monitoring of the operating equipment. 

The measurable added value for the customer comes from incorruptible process documentation, process comparability and 100% quality tracking down to the level of the individual press part. The additional recording of specific machine data provides a completely new view of production and machine availability. 

Several machines and plants in the production field can be digitally connected via an IoT Fieldmanager and can be monitored centrally via the intuitive dashboard. Standardized interfaces for data export to higher-level MES systems and databases are also a matter of course. 

The optional Smart Maintenance module also offers DORST equipment operators a unique service for preventive maintenance and servicing of the machines. With the sophisticated monitoring functions of the IoT Fieldmanager, our 1st level support is able to proactively alert the on-site maintenance team to potential, imminent machine downtime. In coordination with the specialists on site, all necessary measures can then be taken to keep the DORST presses in a highly available condition at all times. 

Should the service case then occur, DORST Service Routers and Augmented Reality Systems, e.g., headset AR glasses, are available for immediate support, allowing the man on site to communicate live directly with the DORST specialist. 

Visit us at CERAMITEC 2022 and discover the digital world of DORST TECHNOLOGIES.

Digitalization as the key to more transparency and safety in the production process

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