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We look forward to meeting you at ceramitec 2022 and discuss the possible applications of ceramics for your needs. 

Expansion of Development of Transparent Ceramics at IKTS 

By integrating the transparent ceramics division of the CeramTec-ETEC GmbH (PERLUCOR®), Fraunhofer IKTS will significantly expand its existing competencies in the development of transparent ceramics. The new technical infrastructure enables the establishment of a research and development center for transparent ceramics at IKTS. 

With the financial support of the Free State of Thuringia, a complete ceramic technology chain consisting of equipment for conditioning high-purity powders, shaping, heat treatment, laser processing and ultra-precision finishing will be installed in Hermsdorf, providing a link between laboratory scale and industrial production. Transparent ceramics are characterized by excellent material properties and are superior in comparison to glass, sapphire, or gorilla glass in many applications – ceramic technology will thus achieve a performance leap in terms of component size, degree of purity and innovative manufacturing. The funding is an important foundation for future projects. It represents a real milestone in the development of Thuringia, especially the industrial region Hermsdorf, towards Europe’s leading center for advanced ceramics. 

The complete technology chain for transparent ceramics should be available at the beginning of 2023. In the transitional period, existing resources will be used to manufacture prototypes and strategic partnerships will be established in parallel to enable the technology chain for large-format components as well. 

The functionalization and hybridization (reinforcement, lamination) of the transparent ceramics is also the focus of development work. The aim is to equip the ceramic with functional layers, dopants, or sensors. In particular, the application of active sensors in combination with transparent ceramics has the potential for use under harsh conditions or in-line analysis. This will qualify transparent ceramics for a broader field of application that goes significantly beyond the current applications in the field of protective windows. 

In addition to the strategic alignment of large-format plates, investigations and feasibility studies have been carried out that enable the production of curved or spherical components. In particular for extreme application conditions in the field of marine technologies or also for autonomous vehicles, the transparent ceramic is ideally suited due to its excellent properties. 

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We look forward to meeting you at ceramitec 2022 and discuss the possible applications of ceramics for your needs. 

Large-format spinel plate 240 mm x 160 mm

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