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Herding GmbH Filtertechnik

Pure Productivity in Filtering Ceramic Dusts 

Pure Productivity in Filtering Ceramic Dusts 

In the manufacture of ceramic tiles, tableware and sanitaryware, technical ceramics and heavy clay ceramics – the currently applicable and constantly evolving regulations on workplace health and safety stipulate the efficient capture and filtration of dust particles, particularly in those areas where cancerogenic quartz dust is emitted. Because of the fineness of the mineral dusts, in combination with their abrasive properties, the filter systems used to remove them have to meet high requirements. For such applications, the pure surface filtration of the Herding® sinter-plate filter guarantees, with its proven high separation performance and unique wear resistance, the necessary process efficiency and reliability. 

Reliable surface filtration 

Unlike conventional filter systems on the basis of depth filtration, the patented Herding® sinter-plate filter provides pure surface filtration. The filter medium has no affinity whatsoever to irreversible deposition of fine particles, resulting in exceptional properties that enable operators to directly increase their productivity. Experience has shown that almost constant differential pressure and minimized filtration-related wear lead to service lifetimes well in excess of 15 years. 

Suitable for air recirculation 

The alveolar dust contained in the clean gas – also referred to as A-dust content – was determined on Herding filters by means of independent measurements in compliance with DIN EN 481. According to these measurements, the filter systems of the manufacturer with the rigid sinter-plate filter demonstrate pure gas concentrations for quartz dust below 0,005 mg/m³. 

This confirms that Herding filter systems with the integrated Herding® sinter-plate filters can also be used for air recirculation in areas with quartz dust exposure. The possible air recirculation and the associated heat recuperation based on recirculation of the filtered exhaust air make an important contribution to improving efficiency and saving energy. 

Everything from one source 

The central idea of “Everything from One Source” is ensured by the inhouse manufacturing of the systems, filter elements and peripheral components. A high level of inhouse manufacturing “Made in Germany”, sound quality awareness and continuous innovation are important mainstays for the company. The Herding GmbH Filtertechnik mission is to channel ongoing development into meeting every requirement for the most reliable filtration technology, thereby constantly setting new standards.

Herding sinter-plate filters are highly resistant to abrasive dusts

Safe seperation of fine quartz dust

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