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ceramitec 2022: INMATEC is Looking Forward to Intensive Exchange 

ceramitec 2022: INMATEC is Looking Forward to Intensive Exchange 

INMATEC Technologies GmbH is planning at full throttle for this year’s ceramitec. The team of the leading production and development company for ceramic feedstocks is looking forward to getting in personal contact with customers, business partners and other ceramic experts again. Close relationships with the companies that use its products are very important to INMATEC. During the pandemic, this exchange was only possible digitally for long stretches of the two-plus years. That’s why the excitement for ceramitec 2022 is exceptionally high. In addition to high quality standards and many years of experience, an intensive cooperation with its customers is highly important to INMATEC. As a partner for ceramic feedstocks and the injection moulding process, close exchange, trusting partnership and lively cooperation with customers are crucial. This is what CIM technology implies: on the one hand, the ceramic feedstocks must be matched to the requirements of the component moulded from them. On the other hand, the manufacturer’s production steps must also be adapted to the processing properties of the granulate. 

INMATEC has therefore established close relationships with processing industries for many years. In a trusting exchange with their customers, the feedstock experts from Rheinbach/DE are continuously improving their products. The tailor-made INMATEC granulates combine not only ceramic powder and binder components, but also the experience of over 20 years of feedstock development and the specific application experiences of the customers. 

In the two-plus years of the pandemic, the crucial cooperation with the feedstock moulding companies could often only take place digitally – a good, but not a full substitute for a direct face-to-face exchange. The INMATEC team is therefore even more excited to be at ceramitec 2022. At the major exhibition of the ceramics industry, INMATEC meets other experts in ceramic materials, their production and applications. 

As this year’s ceramitec is all about resource efficiency, one of the main focuses is on ceramic injection moulding. The technology enables high-precision components to be produced in large series. This is not only efficient in terms of resources, but also from an economic point of view, as complex post-processing steps can be omitted. On this stage, the INMATEC Technologies GmbH will be able to show the enormous potential of its ceramic feedstocks. 

The INMATEC team looks forward to exchanging ideas with you: 

• Tuesday, 21 June to Friday, 24 June, Messe München – 

Hall C1 / Stand 319/420 

For further information on trade fair visits and events, please visit the INMATEC website. There you will also find details about the company, the different products and how to get in touch.

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