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Keramischer OFENBAU

Visit us during ceramitec, in Hall C2, Stand 322. We will gladly discuss the kiln of the future with you. 

Keramischer OFENBAU GmbH: Competence – Efficiency – Innovation 

Current profound changes in global energy systems, security of supply and subsequent rising prices for fossil fuels pose challenges for many companies worldwide. Keramischer OFENBAU is not merely a bystander, but rather takes a proactive role in developing visionary solution concepts. 

Thanks to many years of experience and expertise in the diversified team, savings of up to 40 % in specific gas consumption have been achieved in a large number of kiln plants, especially through implementing the innovative EnerViT firing technology: by combining increased outputs with reduced energy consumption, one new highly efficient kiln can replace up to three existing plants. Such efficiency improvement can not only be achieved in new continuous kilns, but especially by modernising and optimising existing plants: the interplay of maintenance-friendly firing technologies and ZrO Lambda measuring technology enables performance increases while reducing consumption and emissions. EnerViT‘s success motivates Keramischer OFENBAU to strengthen its commitment to innovation and to constantly set new benchmarks. Consequently, the company contributes to shaping the future sustainably and is always one step ahead of upcoming challenges. 

With the kiln 4.0 in focus, in optimal balance of energy and economic efficiency as well as sustainability, Keramischer OFENBAU defines new energy standards while simultaneously increasing the yield rate in ceramic production. Diverse research projects with various partners focus on transforming classic gas-heated processes towards heating with alternative energy – from biogases to pure hydrogen – and electrical heating. 

Thus, by making intelligent use of innovative technology and weight-optimised materials in the most efficient kiln systems, Keramischer OFENBAU can reduce fossil fuel consumption to a minimum and, in addition to increased added value and energy security for customers, contribute considerably to climate protection. Efficiency and innovation are just as important as the company’s service orientation: with expertise, reliability and transparency, Keramischer OFENBAU offers high-quality, future-proof implementation after intensive, individual consultation and planning. 

Visit us during ceramitec, in Hall C2, Stand 322. We will gladly discuss the kiln of the future with you.

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