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Bright Prospects – Black is the New Colourful

Bright Prospects – Black is the New Colourful

Wendel, the German engobe and glaze manufacturer, will again be showcasing its products at ceramitec in June and opening up bright prospects for the glaze market… Visitors from the ceramics industry can look forward to seeing the wax-matt precious engobes that Wendel will be presenting. Whether for clay roofing tiles, clinker bricks, tiles or other ceramic products, Wendel‘s advantage is its inhouse development and smelting of glass frits as a foundation for stable systems. 

“With regard to supply reliability and prompt delivery, it pays to have the entire value creation from frit to glaze powder in house,” said Sales Manager Jan-Martin Schröder convinced. Dr Kerstin Minner, Development Manager for Glazes and Engobes, sumed it up from a technical perspective: “Our own smelting operations ensure that we can develop frits precisely in line with customer requirements. This makes us the ideal partner for precisely adapted engobe and glaze solutions. Every ceramic body is unique, but it doesn’t always behave like you’d like it to.“ 

The smelting and grinding facility in Dillenburg, in the German State of Hesse, with its rotary furnaces ensures bubble- and residue-free smelting of ceramic frits as the basis for the final products. For surfaces with a particular glossy or even wax-matt finish. Anything the customer wants, but always true to our motto “Quality is our Formula – Engobes and Glazes our Passion.”

Runoff of the melt for ceramic frits

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