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MECCANICA 2P: Installation of Two Plants in Colombia by Teleassistance during the COVID-19 Period

The excellent synergy between the Italian company MECCANICA 2P with the Venezuelan company SARACCO Y CIA for the construction of the components of the rapid chain dryer in Central and South American countries continues. In the last few months, two supplies have been realized and put into operation in the Colombian market as well as one in the Peruvian market.

In addition to the dryer, at the Colombian Ladrillera Delta factory, a continuous cutting line for the production of blocks and a plant for handling and loading have been supplied; while at the Colombian Ladrillera Altavista factory, a block handling and loading line has been provided.

The plants, which arrived at final destination in February 2020, had to be started up and tested as usual by MECCANICA´s technicians at the customers’ plants. Unfortunately, the emergency generated by the COVID-19 prevented MECCANICA 2P from moving and providing direct assistance on site. In order to overcome the lack of installation and the consequent lack of production, MECCANICA 2P first provided the layouts and the necessary indications to the customers for the correct positioning of the machines and then provided a remote assistance service from Italy allowing to guide and support the customers during the start-up and testing phases.

The service was carried out by installing 24-h operating cameras in the customer’s plant and providing a PC-BOX with which to connect remotely to the plant management software.
This system allowed the programmer in Italy to have a complete view of the plant and to interact with the software for the regulation of the machines and the assistance to the operators on site during the testing phases. The operations were carried out successfully and the result was positive, allowing the start of brick production with the new machines.
The remote assistance system adopted will also allow a software verification and maintenance service and rapid assistance in case of future alarms or faults on the plant.
Thanks to the engineering of high quality and advanced technology machinery and a qualified staff, MECCANICA 2P has proved its capability to assist its customers despite this emergency situation caused by the COVID-19.

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