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New Mixes – with Impact

The German Dorfner Group specialises in the production, processing and refinement of industrial minerals that serve as highly functional fillers and additives in a variety of applications. An independent and autonomous family-owned business, Dorfner sources a portion of its raw materials from its own deposits, elaborately transforming them via proprietary particle technologies and modification processes into quality branded products. Dorfner’s products include high-performance materials for a broad range of applications, e.g. in emulsion paints and innovative coating systems or as key components of industrial flooring
or composites.
GRANUCOL® Effect Mix is the latest product line in Dorfner’s portfolio of fillers specifically for kitchen and sanitaryware made from composites. With their depth effects and true, non-fading colours, the new coloured quartz blends make for attractive surface designs. The “effect pigments” that lend the product its unique qualities are incorporated into the GRANUCOL® Effect Mix using an original new coating process.

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