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Freiberg Refractories Symposium 2016

Since 2014 the Freiberg Refractories Symposium has been a fixture in the diary of the refractories industry. Thanks to cooperation between the German Ceramic Society – DKG, Freiberg University of Mining and Technology/DE, RWTH University of Aachen/DE and the refractories company Rath AG/AT, the Symposium went into its second round with the red-hot topic of “Corrosion of refractories in furnace engineering and high-temperature installations” on 21–23
November 2016. Andreas Pfneiszl, Director at Rath AG, Prof. Dr Christos
G. Aneziris, DKG/DGM Joint Committee on Refractories, and Dr
Volker Uhlig, who heads the DKG’s Technical Committee 3 on Thermal
Processes, welcomed over 100 attendees to the opening of the
Symposium at Tivoli in Freiberg.

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