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Use of Plasticisers/Strength Enhancers in Ceramic Bodies

In recent years, the ceramic industry has seen a growing need for bodies with higher levels of green plasticity/strength. In the tiles industry, the latest product developments include large panels and slabs with thicknesses ranging 3–20 mm with widths of more than 1,6 m and lengths of more than 3 m. These slabs are currently shaped using bodies that, in many cases, diverge considerably from the classic
ceramic compositions. The industrial technologies for shaping these ceramic products, by pressing or compaction, display some similar characteristics. During
shaping, the ceramic body contains the water quantity (5–6 %) necessary to ensure the success of the operation, but, anyway, the green piece has a certain fragility. This is sometimes incompatible with the dimensions and complexity of the product or with the subsequent handling operations. The drying stage strengthens the piece, increasing its modulus of rupture (MOR) by up to 3 or 4 times with respect to the green MOR value and modifying the surface porosity according to the needs of the subsequent glazing and decoration stages.

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