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2000 Bar Beyond the Lithium Dilemma

Frey & Co GmbH, Bavarian manufacturer of special purpose industrial equipment, introduces new isostatic
press, enabling the efficient production of environmentally friendly NaNiCl-battery storage units.
Undoubtedly, domestic solar panels are a crucial step towards individually becoming more independent
from the energy markets in terms of price and security of supply – and to further moving away from fossil
fuels. Once the panels are mounted on the roof, however, homeowners unfortunately still face an immanent
problem: during daytime, sun is converted into electrical energy, but it is not necessarily consumed in
the house. Instead, it is fed into the public power grid for just a few cents. In the evenings, when energy is
needed for cooking, heating or lighting, the solar cells do not produce any electricity – which in turn has
to be bought from the local energy supplier at rather high cost, and possibly from non-renewable sources.
And: the less sunlight per day, the worse this ratio is!