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KRAHN Ceramics: Technology Partner on a Broad Footing

Project partner and accelerator for everything concerning the processing of ceramic powders, this is how
KRAHN Ceramics GmbH has positioned itself. The company headquartered in Hamburg operates not
only as a supplier and producer of powders, binders, process additives
and custom-made feedstocks for
ceramic injection moulding, it also offers its customers consulting and product development along the
ceramic process chain. KRAHN Ceramics can draw on more than 30 years of experience in the market: As
part of a strategic reorientation, the technical ceramics division of KRAHN Chemie GmbH 2020 was spun
off together with the binder business acquired from eMBe in 2019 into a separate company – KRAHN Ceramics
was born. We spoke to Dr Stefan Stolz (StS), Managing Director of KRAHN Ceramics,
about project
partnerships, the role of a creative laboratory and plans for the forthcoming years.