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Exports Take off at MLC Machinery Portugal

Ceramic equipment specialist MLC Machinery/PT  has announced a major breakthrough. Having built up an extremely solid reputation with home market customers over the past 25 years, the Alcobaça-based company entered the export market in the last couple of years – and in just this short period has signed contracts worth in excess of EUR 3,5 million. Clients already include world-leading brands in Brazil, Turkey, France, Mexico and Great Britain.

MLC Machinery designs, manufactures, installs, and services all the major pieces of production equipment required by ceramic tableware, dinnerware, hotelware, general pottery and decorative art pottery companies. The range comprises preparation, forming, drying, glazing, finishing and ware storage systems, with fully automatic options available in many cases. It is one of only a handful of single-site original manufacturers, certainly in Europe and, it is thought, worldwide, with such a broad portfolio of ceramic production machines. MLC equipment can be used for the principal types of ceramic body used in flatware and holloware, i.e. earthenware, stoneware, vitreous china and fine porcelain.

The company was founded in 1997 by Jorge Lopes and Jorge Capitaz, who remained as the General Directors of the company, MLC standing for Metalúrgica Lopes e Capitaz Lda. The original workshop covered only 350 m2 and there were just three employees – the team now numbers around 70. MLC is based in the Oeste region of Portugal, which for many decades has had a thriving ceramic industry, being particularly renowned for its decorative pottery and tableware. MLC steadily developed a complete range of production equipment for the sector and has successfully established itself as the leading supplier in Portugal.

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