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Nabaltec`s Specialty Alumina Product Range

Nabaltec/DE manufactures, develops and distributes special aluminium oxides. The company´s product range of specialty alumina includes raw materials for applications in refractory industry, technical ceramics, polishing agents and thermal management. 


NABALOX® Reactive Alumina is a proper way to reduce water demand of castables and, as an indirect consequence, to increase the apparent density of the same. The new generation of viscosity optimized reactive alumina allows the combination of both, lowest water demand and practice compatible free flowing consistency. With this innovative product group, Nabaltec offers new solutions for the development of castables and monolithics with perfect rheological properties.

Technical Ceramics

With the GRANALOX® and NABALOX® grades, Nabaltec offers alumina-based products of high quality, suitable for a wide diversity of shaping methods. The “ready-to-press” ceramic bodies GRANALOX®, are formulated with all necessary inorganic and organic additives and can be directly used “as supplied”. Furthermore, the company offers dedicated grades for a variety of forming methods in 3D-printing. The grades can be used for processes such as stereolithography, binder jetting, fused filament manufacturing, etc.

Thermal Management

For gap fillers and Thermal Interface Materials (TIM) in the electronic industry, Nabaltec AG has developed high performance fillers based on aluminium oxide NABALOX® HC and aluminium hydroxide APYRAL® HC.Their optimized particle size distributions allow high thermal conductivity and extremely low viscosity levels. The low density and low hardness of APYRAL® HC allows very economic and light weight solutions with superior processing properties without adverse abrasion.


The NABALOX® polishing oxide range offers a broad spectrum of soft and hard calcined aluminas for a variety of applications for industrial surface finishing. A multitude NABALOX® polishing aluminas are used for the production of polishing pastes and emulsions for almost any material group, such as metals, stone, plastics, car paints, semiconductors, special glasses and many others.

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