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Impact of Bongioanni Stampi’s Extrusion Dies Type GAMMA PLUS and Pressure Heads HE on the Optimization of Power Consumption

Bongioanni/IT extruders have the option of being equipped with the company’s pressure heads type HE with coating made of high-density polyamide and our extrusion dies type Gamma Plus, which guarantee high-efficiency standards and assure an improvement in the performances of the extruder. The result of such improvements is a significant energy saving thanks to the study and design of internal geometries that allows to reduce the friction. The extrusion dies type GAMMA PLUS are equipped with a special cores-holding bridge designed to make the flowing of clay smoother. Besides, the combination of extrusion dies type Gamma Plus and Coated Pressure Head HE, assures a synergetic connection of inclinations which also contributes to the reduction of frictions.

Thanks to the low coefficient of friction of the self-lubricating polyamide the coated pressure head HE, with its very smooth surface, assures energy savings with the consequent reduction of the pressure   required for the extrusion, with equal plasticity of the clay mixture. Besides, in an indirect way, it assures a reduction of the torque and power required by the extruder. The coated pressure head HE and the modular extrusion dies GP manufactured by Bongioanni Stampi are an integral part of the system patented by Bongioanni Macchine and named T.E.S. (Tecno Extrusion system) with is included in the project of our extruders type TECNO. This system is designed to optimize the extruder’s operation and to assure a considerable energy saving to achieve an overall major improvement of the efficiency and performances of the extrusion system.

In some cases, the rate of energy saving achieved thanks to the T.E.S. system is very high. This saving  is also favored by other external factors, such as the quality of clay (more or less plastic and therefore more or less fluid) and the attention of the operator: these factors of variability are duly considered by the T.E.S. system which features an ergonomic operator’s panel with the aim to make the actions of the operator easier thus minimizing the possibility of error in the control and oversee of the extrusion system. All this results into an overall optimization of the final product and into a reduction of wastes with a consequent further energy saving.

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