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Pulsar Photonics and Schunk Take off Together

With its ten business units, the Schunk Group/DE is broadly positioned and active in numerous industries, from automotive to electronics, life sciences, aerospace and logistics. The Group has already acquired a majority stake in Pulsar Photonics/DE, the Aachen-based full-service provider for laser micromachining with short-pulse and ultrashort-pulse lasers.

An interim balance sheet after just over a year of group affiliation confirms this initial outlook: new partnerships have developed as a result of the Schunk acquisition. The Schunk Group primarily opens up the further development of optical and sensory solutions in the field of laser micromachining to Pulsar Photonics. In the current fiscal year, the company, which was founded in 2013, was therefore able to record strong growth in incoming orders. The commissioning of a new laser machine for Schunk Gerhard Carbon Technology (SGCT) marked the completion of the first Pulsar project within the Schunk Group at the end of October 2022.

The company, based in Obernzenn/DE, is also part of Schunk – as a joint venture since 1996 – and has been developing solutions made of customized materials for the automotive, household and slip ring industries for more than fifty years. Specialising in laser-welded carbon springs, SGCT with its 60 employees mainly serves the automotive industry with about 170 million serial parts per year. The new system from Pulsar Photonics with built-in CW fibre laser from Aachen can perform the application laser cutting and laser welding using fixed optics in the development process of carbon springs for both flat planar parts and round bodies in a three-axis system. The machine with its large working area opens up the greatest possible travel paths and good accessibility while maintaining a compact design.

Pulsar Photonics has also entered into another promising cooperation with Opto-Tech. The technology company is also part of the Schunk Group, is headquartered in Wettenberg/DE and is the technological and process engineering world market leader for optics machines. The advantage of the collaboration here is the combination of OptoTech’s many years
of experience in optics manufacturing with Pulsar Photonics’ expertise in laser micromachining, particularly in the development of new laser processes. An initial joint project with a German technology group could even develop into a new line of business for both companies. Synergies are also available for Pulsar and Schunk in completely different areas. For example, both have bundled their recruiting activities in the high-tech region of Aachen and are jointly presenting themselves to talents as an attractive employer. They have already appeared together at the Digital Career Day Hidden Champions and the company contact fair Bonding, both at RWTH Aachen University, where they promoted not only the excellent career opportunities at Pulsar Photonics in the Aachen area, but also at other Schunk Group locations.

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