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Triple International Recognition for Jülich Ceramist

Prof. Olivier Guillon, Director of the Institute of Energy and Climate Research: Materials Synthesis and Manufacturing Processes (IEK-1) at Forschungszentrum Jülich/DE and Professor at RWTH Aachen University/DE, received high international recognition three times over this year.

First, he was officially inducted into the World Academy of Ceramics (WAC). The induction ceremony took place at the CIMTEC conference in Perugia, Italy. The WAC was founded in 1987 as a nonprofit organisation that promotes progress in the field of ceramics and fosters a better understanding of the social impact and cultural interactions of the science, technology, history and art of ceramics. Prof. Olivier Guillon was then introduced as Fellow of the European Ceramic Society at the Ceramics in Europe meeting in Krakow, Poland. In addition, he joined the newest cohort of the Fellows of the American Ceramic Society. The certificate was presented at the upcoming MS&T conference in Pittsburgh in early October 2022.
Prof. Olivier Guillon has led IEK-1 since 2014, which currently has 145 employees and a unique research infrastructure. Of particular note are the Jülich Thermal Spray Center, the Membrane Center and the sintering facilities. This triple recognition confirms the performance of the entire institute with its numerous national and international collaborations. In addition to ceramic manufacturing processes and advanced sintering technologies, research is conducted on lithium and sodium solidstate batteries, gas separation membranes, solid oxide fuel cells and electrolyzers, and protective coatings for high-temperature applications such as gas turbines. Prof. Olivier Guillon assumes various roles: among others, he is the main contact person of the Helmholtz Association’s Program ”Materials and Technologies for the Energy Transition“, Coordinator of the DFG Priority Program SPP 1959 ”Fields Matter“ and founder of the Expert Group ”Field Assisted Sintering Technique/Spark Plasma Sintering“ in the Powder Metallurgy Committee. He is also a member of the DFG Review Board and holds a seat on the Board of the German Ceramic Society (DKG).

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