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SACMI-SAMA’S “Green” PHO700 Press – the New Frontier

Already the choice of the main market leaders, this solution provides maximum versatility to handle different product mixes, including the “special” sizes (up to 480 mm diameter and 150 mm height) currently in demand. With the launch of the new PHO700 isostatic press, SAMA/DE has achieved the position of sole supplier of horizontal isostatic presses able to produce pieces from 110–480 mm diameter (unfired) and with 150 mm height, setting a new benchmark in the tableware field.

A greater pressing force of just 50 t more – compared to the previous version – means that the range of products which can be made with this technology is significantly expanded to include also the special pieces currently in high demand on the market such as oven dishes, tall mugs etc. Thanks to these unmatched levels of performance it is no surprise that, just a few months after it was first launched on the market, the new SACMI-SAMA PHO700 press has already been supplied to all the leading international manufacturers in the sector. With the PHO 700, demoulding of heavy, wide and deep pieces is facilitated by means of an optional demoulding device that operates along the X and Y axes, guiding the piece up to the unloading belt which can, in turn, be equipped with an optional motor-driven device to ensure the piece is discharged and deposited with care.  One-of-a-kind on the market, the distinctive features of this solution make it possible to integrate other systems further down the line, even for the widest articles, such as the RFM automatic fettling machine for round pieces or the OFM fettling machine for round and non-round pieces. As regards rectangular pieces with corners having a curve radius of up to 8 mm, all the fettling operations can be made directly by the OFM. The line performance and the quality of the fettling operations are unrivalled thanks to the patented system of automatic measurement of the piece profile.  

Thanks to its partnership with Gaiotto/IT (a SACMI Group/IT company and market leader in industrial automation), the ROF robotized finishing system is available for the most complex piece shapes and sizes.  The solution is completed by the innovative SAMA system for piece detection with video cameras which guarantees maximum precision of piece positioning with real time data transfer from the machine to the robot. Besides the range of sizes and types of articles which can be produced, the design of the PHO 700 is also unique due to its portfolio of technical solutions developed to meet all customer requirements. Starting with the tools, designed to have a long lifetime and minimum wear parts, there are also the linings in polyurethane or adiprene, combined with the press frame, equipped with tie-rods and high precision top guide for the mobile parts. 

Among the key advantages of the PHO700 for the customer are the easy tool change-over, the pressure-operated powder filling systems, the optional vacuum-operated loading device, the supply of membranes and linings with the required hardness. Furthermore, customers can rely on the continuous support of the  SAMA Technical Assistance Centre for all needs. Process efficiency, quality and repeatability are also guaranteed by the Siemens Tia Portal control system, which is supplied by Siemens exclusively to SAMA and ensures easy access to the support interface with better flexibility in running machine operations and spare parts.    

As with the other SAMA latest generation presses – GREEN Series – the PHO700 focuses on sustainability, with a reduction of energy consumption of up to 30 % compared to conventional solutions.   

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