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Firing Chamotte with CO2-Neutral Fuel

On the basis of its own clay mining in Grossheirath near Coburg, Germany, and with selective use of externally sourced raw materials, the company produces raw material solutions that are individually adapted to customer requirements. 

Its range of raw and ground clays extends from 20–43 mass-% Al2O3 and fired colours from creamy white through buff yellow to red. Main buyers are the producers of building ceramics and refractory products. Argolitec is a high-purity nanoscale illite clay with outstanding properties, e.g. for technical ceramics and ceramic surfaces. 

Chamotte is the most important product segment at Gottfried. These tailored hard materials actively improve the production and product properties of ceramics. The chamottes are used primarily for refractory products, for fine fireclay for sanitaryware and ceramic building materials. In addition, ground raw and calcined steatite, crumbly bodies and contract material preparation services are included in the company portfolio. 

In spring, Gottfried is planning to switch the firing of chamotte and other minerals in rotary kilns from fossil fuels like oil and coal to biogenic fuels like wood. To this end, the company will soon commission an extensive plant for processing of waste wood to defined wood flour. Another significant step towards efficient and sustainable raw materials production. 

In Thansuess near Amberg, Gottfried operates a pegmatite mine and a mineral grinding facility. The white-firing potash feldspar is a classical basic raw material for porcelain, ceramic sanitaryware and tiles. Other minerals like albite can be combined as required and ground iron-free. Key features of a washed grade are particularly low iron and titanium contents. 

In bodies for light-firing clinker bricks and roofing tiles, special pegmatite grades have proven effective as grog.