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EmcoTherm with Extended Product Portfolio 

Since its founding in 2007, EmcoTherm GbR has been a dependable partner for the ceramics industry in the German- and French-speaking regions of Europe and an established supplier of kiln furniture made of cordierite and various SiC materials, primarily SiSiC. Its scope of services ranges from application consulting and customer-specific problem solving for industrial applications to the design and project planning of kiln car sub- and superstructures with particular regard to energy-saving potential. 

Alongside its typical ceramic kiln furniture business including firing batts, supports, saggars, kiln rollers, SiSiC beams, NSiC and RSiC batts, over the past few years the company has built up a second line of business in thermal treatment, a sector that is far bigger than just ceramics. Besides supplying established indirect heating systems with jacket and flame pipes, we work closely with renowned customers in the development of new and innovative burner and recuperator systems made of SiSiC. 

Mullitic heating element tubing (C530) is supplied in standard diameters cut to length and machined as required ex works. Ceramic feedthroughs, flange pipes, sleeves, spacers, support rings, thermocouple tubing and insulation rods are made in line with specifications from steatite, mullite (C530 and C610) and high-purity alumina (C799) round off the portfolio around kilns and furnaces. In the high-temperature range, boron nitride (BN) is used increasingly as an insulating material. Shorter lead times than usual on this market with consistently high quality are the key to long-term success in this segment. 

The application conditions for the sintering supports used in sintering metallurgy and hardening differ sometimes considerably from the known conditions in ceramic firing, e.g. in respect of thermal shock behaviour and resistance to corrosive atmospheres and media. They necessitate the use of material combinations e.g. in interaction with graphite superstructures or CFC plug-in systems and ceramic separation layer in the form of a plate, slider or an engobe to avoid the carbonization of the treated metallic component. Here 

we are in close partnership with a renowned German manufacturer in order to offer integrated solutions. 

The EmcoTherm-Team around company founder Michael Moutin was strengthened in 2021 when his three sons joined the business. After learning the ropes, they will take over their own areas of responsibility in the mid-term to safeguard succession. 

At the end of 2023, the company was able to secure exclusive representation of 3D Minerals for its innovative and patent-protected ceramic 3D printing process for Germany and Benelux. 

EmcoTherm GbR is currently in the process of ISO 9001 certification, which is set to be concluded in April 2024. 

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