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 Elkem’s Materials for Advanced Technical Ceramics 

Advanced materials play a crucial role in meeting the contemporary needs of industries. Silicon stands as a pivotal raw material wielded by advanced technical ceramics manufacturers to craft materials tailored with distinct properties, like resilience against abrasion and extreme temperatures. These materials primarily revolve around combinations of silicon carbide or silicon nitride in various compositions. The applications of these advanced technical ceramics span a wide spectrum, from crafting ceramic materials to protective coatings suited for severe environments. Their defining characteristics encompass thermal stability, controlled expansion under heat, resilience against thermal shock, and efficient thermal conductivity. Elkem, renowned for its silicon solutions, presents an array of grades and types of silicon specifically tailored for this sector. 

The fusion of silicon and carbon at heightened temperatures yields silicon carbide, renowned for its exceptional hardness and the capacity to fashion high-strength ceramic materials. Silicon carbide structures can also emerge through a blend of silicon carbide powder, silicon, and carbon-based compounds, ensuring the desired traits for a diverse range of applications. Typically, finer silicon particles like Silgrain® HQ MC, Silgrain® CG MC, and Silgrain® XC MC find use in this process. 

Additionally, carbon structures and configurations can arise through silicon infiltration, catalyzing a reaction between liquid silicon and solid carbon to generate silicon carbide. Elkem Silicon offers distinct grades such as Silgrain® HQ 0,2–0.8, Silgrain® CG 0,2–0,8, and Si-Tec® tailored specifically for this technique. The infiltration procedure involves melting silicon in a vacuum furnace, necessitating silicon with high meltability and minimal fine particles. 

Silicon carbide structures can also be shaped by mixing silicon carbide and silicon powder in a water-based slurry. Utilizing a slip casting technique, the slurry is molded and dried to eliminate moisture. Elevated temperatures lead the silicon particles to react with nitrogen, forming silicon nitride that bonds the structure. Elkem Silicon offers diverse grades such as Silgrain® XO MC and Silgrain® CG MC for this process. In high-performance ceramics and abrasives, boron carbide plays a vital role in conferring wear-resistance. 

Elkem meticulously sources its boron carbide to ensure consistent quality, with specialists available to offer guidance on diverse applications. 

Elkem provides a wide range of silicon purities and sizes dedicated to the production of advanced technical ceramics. Our team of experts offers support to clients, assisting in technical discussions, addressing processing concerns, and providing samples and quotations.