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59th Brazilian Congress on Ceramics

The 59th Brazilian Congress on Ceramics will held 17–20 May 2015, in the municipality of the Barra dos Coqueiros, in the state of Sergipe, near the capital Aracaju.

The event, which is the oldest and most important of the Brazilian ceramic industry, will promote the interaction of the various sectors involved in the ceramic sector (teaching and research institutions, ceramic products manufacturers and suppliers of raw materials, equipment and inputs) to discuss the latest industrial advances and developments. Organized by the Brazilian Association of Ceramic (ABCeram) and promoted by Metallum (specializing company in technical and scientific events), the event has a broad character, with topics of interest to the diverse ceramic segments, bringing presentations of technical jobs, lectures and panels, to report national and international aspects of the development of ceramic materials, and promote short courses and workshop decoration. The event will involve following areas or topics: Raw materials; Synthesis of powders; Red ceramics; White ceramics; Coating ceramics; Plaster and cement; Refractories/Thermal insulation; Glasses, glass-ceramics and related materials; Nuclear ceramics; Optics and chemistry; Electronic/Magnetic ceramics; Bioceramic; Recycling and environment; Art and design; Processing; Nanotechnology; Education in ceramic materials. An exhibition where companies and educational and research institutions will promote their products and services will take place parallel to the congress. More information at:

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