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Al Amir: New Plant Running at Full Capacity

Founded in 1994 and one of the most dynamic, fastest-growing firms in Egypt, Al Amir Ceramics has, with the start-up of the new Al Amir 2 plant, doubled its potential.

The new facility can produce 22 000– 24 000 m2/d – depending on the production mix – of single-firing red body tiles, mainly in the 400 mm × 400 mm size. The most important machines of this latest SACMI-supplied installation are a MMC092 modular mill, an ATE110 spray dryer and three PH3020 presses. This press type combines a wide load infeed and fast forming cycles, the latter being a distinctive feature throughout the SACMI press range. Also being supplied by SACMI are two new 140-m-long kilns plus all the other accessories needed to operate the line. Although it came on line two  years ago, the Al Amir 2 plant – located in the 10th Ramadam industrial district – is now one of the most efficient manufacturing operations in the entire area.

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