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LB: Passage to the Next Generation

After 40 years of technological innovation in the field of ceramics, LB S.p.A. founded in 1973 by Ivanno Ligabue and Ermes Bigi is ready to hand on the baton to the second generation.

After a short period of company reorganisation, the Ligabue and Bigi families handed on the baton to Matteo Bigi (39, 19 years of experience within LB) and Emilio Benedetti (42, son-in-law of Ivanno Ligabue, a manager with renowned experience in the field of plant and automation for the ceramic industry). LB therefore remains an independent family-run company.  Notwithstanding the current crisis that is involving Italy, the main investments of LB are directed to implementing the sales network for the purpose of consolidating the company and expanding further still into the international market, by searching for technical and commercial co-operators with great experience in the field of ceramics; and to strengthening the R&D department in order to maintain the technological leadership acquired since porcelain stoneware was created. The satisfactory turnover of 2011 has encouraged the company to keep on growing and developing. At Tecnargilla LB will show a number of innovative technological solutions, for instance: dry milling systems with micro-granulation units, an innovation for making ceramic tiles, especially in countries where energy saving and reduction of environmental impact is becoming an essential aspect when it comes to choosing a production technology; innovations to dry colouring systems for spray dried bodies (LB patent) and press feeders for the production of porcelain stoneware. The intense development activities conducted over the past 5 years in the field of energy saving are aimed at maintaining a high standard of quality with a considerable reduction of production costs. These activities have brought about important commercial results, especially in countries where reducing the consumption of water, gas, electricity and deflocculating agents is a particularly important issue. LB dry milling systems with LB microgranulating technology have been installed in North Africa, South America and the Middle East.

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