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Bedeschi in Australia

Bedeschi´s/IT interest in environmental safeguard has always been one of the company’s major key points. Today, more than ever, in order to continue its engagement in sustainability, Bedeschi is implementing continuously its R&D skills with innovative solutions compatible with the strictest environmental standards. The introduction of hi-tech features and automated machinery have increased the product range offered by Bedeschi to its customers in the bricks sector. 

Following the important collaboration begun few years ago, Brickmakers, the Australian leading company in clay bricks sector, has now chosen Bedeschi for the supply of a new dekacking line for standard and facing fired bricks with a height difference higher than 300 mm. The scope of supply will include the installation of a line for clay brick unloading, sorting, automatically material re-programming and again loading. All these will be combined to the grinding line with 6 discs equipped with an automatic system for regulating the distance between the different typologies of material. The tilting device will adjust grinded bricks on the transportation line and loaded fired bricks on pallet. The line could operate also without the grinding line with the possibility to select only the unloaded and sorted material. The machines are provided with belt conveyors for eliminating the waste material and a dust suppression system.

To complete the supply, Bedeschi will install a kiln car cleaning system, with special Bedeschi alignment of smoke elements able to suck pieces of fired bricks, all completed with kiln cars handling systems for movement and positioning. The equipment will be featured with different handling machines for correct movement and positioning of kiln cars to the loading point of the fired bricks, the cleaning point and the packing point.

This project contributes significantly to Bedeschi engagement in the current industrial revolution according to 4.0 industry criteria. These new solutions are integrated with smart tools for production, planning and control, remote assistance, a constant update of the machines parameters and reporting of the eventual maintenance services needed by the customer.

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