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Bedeschi: New Project at ZAO Gjelskiy Kirpicniy Zavod in Russia

The long-term relationship between Bedeschi and ZAO Gjelskiy Kirpicniy Zavod, one of the major Russian clay brick manufacturers, keeps going over. Due to its know-how and expertise in this industry, the Italian company Bedeschi based in Limena, has been chosen once again for another important project. This time, the supply aims to provide a significant modernization in the entire existing plant and will include new tailor-made equipment to increase the already high automation level (among these also the possibility to produce special pieces).

Firstly, the project will see the replacement of pre-cutter with an electronic cutting machine for large products and special pieces. The Bedeschi engineering team specifically designed the new automatic cutting line considering the exigencies in bricks manufacturing process. Indeed, the equipment will be featured with an advanced system of chamfering with electronic control before cutting, peculiar of Bedeschi know-how. Moreover, the current belt handling line will be joined to the existing line. This will allow the passage and separation of the green material in output from the electronic cutting machine. The material will be then placed on dryer cars frames with a robot and two particular grippers (Bedeschi know-how) for manipulating the green material without any deformation.

In order to assure a correct stacking of the dry material on the kiln cars, Bedeschi will design a new selecting and programming line. In addition, the traditional grippers with 6 heads will be substituted with new robots with pneumatic grippers for making the stacking line more versatile. For the unloading of the fired material, will be installed also new robots with two pneumatic grippers which will unload the layers from the kiln cars and will pack them on the line for pack formation. This advanced system will substitute the current traditional gripper with six heads. Due to the implementation of this project, the quality of the final products will be much higher and will allow producing many other products. As a matter of fact, Bedeschi has also modified the existing firing system by placing a new burners for firing the material in “flashing” mode.

Bedeschi engineers work to develop new efficient and innovative solution for the client in compliance with the high environmental and quality standards, compatible with Industry 4.0. Environmental protection, pollution prevention, but also energy efficiency will become even more important issues and these is where Bedeschi is focusing its upcoming technology development efforts.

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