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LIPPERT Foot Polishing Technology for Tableware

The leading foot polishing technology of LIPPERT/DE machines has now been supplemented with a new pivot roller diamond polishing concept. The existing product line has already covered a wide tableware product range combined with diamond bonded polishing media and inline or rotary table machine design.

Focus of the new development was a universal tableware product range on one machine with excellent polishing results of the corners of non-circular foot designs. In addition, integration possibility into fully automated kiln loading and unloading systems was a prerequisite. All the existing polishing technologies are based on the concept of steady diamond polishing belts with the tableware product rotating. Disadvantage of these systems is the local heat exposure to the diamond belt which requires water cooling to prevent the diamond bonding to fail. Together with the belt deformation required to cover the foot circumference, diamond belt overall stress is very high, and durability therefore limited.

The new innovative polishing concept is operating completely different. A diameter 140 mm roller with diamond belt equipped is rotating with high revolutions below the as well rotating tableware product. Since the polishing roller is mounted to a pivot joint, it is attached to the article foot in a variable angle to achieve the rounded polishing result on the outside perimeter of the foot. The belt itself is not deformed and the large diameter and high revolutions prevent local heat exposure to the diamond belt. This concept allows an extraordinary durability of the diamond belt and the operation without cooling water. When operating without cooling water, dry dust can be collected via aspiration systems and does not leave dried dust veil on the product which is hard to remove afterward. Product flow through the machine is in upright product orientation via conveyor belts and rotary table. This allows a stand-alone machine as well as the integration in fully automated LIPPERT kiln unloading systems. One more innovation by LIPPERT where a patent is pending.

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