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Beijing Trend Supplied Premier H-Cassette First Installation

Beijing Trend Industrial Ceramics Co., Ltd./CN is a world leader in the manufacture of cordierite kiln furniture, with a turnover of well over EUR 20 million.

Already a leading supplier to the sanitaryware and tableware industry, it has emphasized with the delivery 65 000 H-cassettes to a new plant for clay roofing tiles of European design in Foshan/CN, the desire to play a similarly significant role in the future in the heavy clay industry. With the exception of a successful first installation of U-cassettes in 2013, Beijing Trend has so far focused exclusively on the H- and U-cassettes spare parts business. In this current project, in addition to the H-cassettes, Beijing Trend also designed and delivered the tunnel kiln car base. This emphasized the importance of optimization of the interface between the cassettes and their support structure on the car deck, ­harmonizing design, execution and ma­ter­ials. The H-cassette itself was developed by the design office at the company’s site in south-east Beijing, using the latest R+D-design and simulation programs for two different roofing tiles, verified and qualified in a ­timely manner with the aid of rapid prototyping, the order was shipped within four months of the contract date.

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