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Keraben Grupo Invested in Durst Gamma 98 XD

Durst/IT, the industrial inkjet specialist is installing its successful Gamma 98 XD for the leading Spanish ceramic tile manufacturer Keraben Grupo.

The new generation of Durst’s 8-color ceramic printer will be used to complement an existing Gamma 75 HD for the floor and wall tile production. At this year’s Ceramics China trade fair, the management of Keraben Grupo was able to get a hands-on impression of the innovative construction and performance capabilities of the new printer system. The Gamma 98 XD features a modular design for 3 to 8 printing bars and print widths of 319–956 mm. Equipped with the Durst High Definition Printhead Technology with dual ink circulation and the new Adaptive Dot Placement Technology, the Gamma 98 XD guarantees banding-free printing with a high image quality and colour homogeneity. The new printheads are designed to be easily and quickly replaced and re-adjusted by the operator to minimize downtime. In addition, a new printhead cleaning system guarantees a long life cycle for the printheads with long maintenance intervals and without loss of ink due to purging of the ink onto the transport belt. The new Gamma XD Series decorates tiles, with a special Grayscale function, with a native resolution of 300 dpi and print resolutions of up to 300 dpi × 1000 dpi and printheads with different droplet sizes up to 200 pl. This configuration makes the Gamma 98 XD ideally suited for the wide range of design variations, tile formats and product lines for the kitchen, bathroom, interior and lounge of the Keraben Grupo.

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