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Capaccioli: Technology for Manufacturing Heavy Clay Ceramics

Since its beginning, Capaccioli’s mission was to design, develop and implement technological, innovative and customised solutions for the heavy clay ceramics industry, focusing on continuous improvement of quality, safety, energy efficiency and en­vir­on­mentally friendly production.

Set up in the 50s as a small family business, Capaccioli has turned into an international company, constantly expanding in worldwide markets. Turnkey plants for the production of ceramic and hollow bricks, thermal blocks, roofing and terracotta tiles and other heavy clay ceramic products are the key business of the company.
In 2016, Capaccioli has revolutionized the drying process with an ultrafast dryer Condor® which allows a drastic reduction regarding the drying cycle and the costs by improving quality. The complete new design allowed a very low specific energy consumption of 8–10 kWh/t. In the same year, the company has successfully completed the construction of three Condor® dryers each for 750 t/d for hollow blocks and load bearing blocks in Turkey; other units are already ­under construction in other countries.
The ultrafast Condor® dryer is not the only big success of Capaccioli, recently the company has supplied machinery and complete plants to Turkey, Libya and North Africa. The new dryer has recently obtained the Grant of the Industrial Invention Patent.
Historically, the key business of the com­pany is the design and manufacture of auto­matic systems for the heavy clay cer­amics industry. The full range of Capaccioli manufacturing equipment includes clay preparation lines, extrusion and cutting lines, dryers, kilns, burners, automation and material handling solutions.
Recently, in collaboration with the University of Pavia and ANDIL – Italian National Association of the Heavy Clay Industry the company contributes to the INSYSME project, a new constructive solution in the field of antiseismic building materials, which will have a major impact on the construction industry. Capaccioli is ANDIL’s official partner.

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