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ASCER’s 17th Tile of Spain Awards

The objective of ASCER’s (Spanish Cer­am­ic Tile Manufacturers’ Association) Tile of Spain Awards is to promote the use of Spanish ceramic tiles in architecture and interior design projects (both in Spain and abroad). The Awards are sponsored by Endesa, Valencia Port Authority, Bankinter, PWC, Weber Saint-Gobain, Renault and CESCE.

The organisers of Tile of Spain Awards offer cash prizes for a total of EUR 39 000 divided into three areas. The two main categories – Architecture and Interior Design – each have a cash prize of EUR 17 000. Special mentions may also be made in both cat­egories. The 3rd category, the Final Degree Project, targets architecture students, and has a cash prize of EUR 5000. In all three cat­egories, entries are welcome from both Spanish and international participants. Architects Jorge Silvetti (Chair), Elías Torres, Ricardo Carvalho, Jordi Garcés, Belén Moneo, Mario Ruiz and Ramón Monfort made up the panel of judges in 2018. The award ceremony for the winners of ASCER’s 17th Tile of Spain Awards will be held on 29 January 2019 in Valencia during CEVISAMA (28.01.–01.02.2019).
In the Architecture category, the Award went to “New entrance to Palma’s Intermodal Station”, designed by Joan Miquel Seguí Colomar. The panel of judges particularly valued the use of ceramic tiles to create a latticework effect as a defining feature for the entrance, marking the threshold between the urban space and the intermodal station’s service infrastructures. The design marks a return to the Mediterranean trad­ition of latticework as a filter between exteriors and a more enclosed, user-friendly area. The bold use of ceramic tiles is an ideal solution for a structural resource that is concealed from the exterior.
Two special mentions were also made:
• “Laan Van Spartaan Amsterdam student housing” by Studioninedots Amsterdam;
• “Sports hall and classrooms: Francisco de Vitoria University” by Alberto Campo Baeza.
1st Prize in the Interior Design category was awarded to “House overlooking the sea” designed by Xavier Martí and Lucía Ferrater. The judges also granted a special mention in the Interior Design category for the project entitled “Integral renovation of Casa Artium” designed by María Fernández Torrado from the Torrado Arquitectura Studio. In the category reserved for architecture students, the winning Final Degree Project was “A positive happening” designed by Manuel Bouzas Barcala from the Madrid School of Architecture.

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