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Ceramic Bodies from ReMix

For the most demanding customers, ReMix developed ceramic bodies with a wide range of firing colours not only for the production of slabs, but also for the production of traditional tiles.

These new bodies are each other compatible and suitable for the new through-passing vein technology for tiles and slabs production. Moreover, they can be processed with all available machines for the production of slabs and tiles.This new supply is addressed to both large and small producers, mostly for the production of small batches. The available colours are: black, grey, red-brown, pink-orange, and orange-brown. These brand-new bodies coexist with the range of REWhite whiteners as well as the range of ready-made white and superwhite bodies reaching colorimetric parameters of L*86–94.
ReMix supply is additional to that of other companies of the Group: C.B.C. which offers Ukrainian clays with high level of plasticity and low Fe2O3 content, and I.MA.F. which offers feldspars for technical porcelain stoneware, and alumina products.

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