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Cecrisa Looks to the Future and Invests in Sacmi Technology

Vinci Partners, the Brazilian investment company with a majority share in Cecrisa – one of the country’s leading manufacturers of high-end ceramic wall tiles – continues to modernise its machine pool, the aim being to attain major advantages in terms of both the productivity and energy efficiency of its plants.

The core of this initial stage of the project is undoubtedly the new spray-dried body preparation department. The latter has been equipped with two MMC180 continuous modular mills and two ATM180 spray ­driers; in keeping with the company’s manufacturing policy, this order will boost glazed porcelain and monoporosa tile body output by some 80 t/h. Located at Portinari, the new body prepar­ation department will supply two factories, one in Portinari itself and another in Eldorado. In this way Cecrisa aims to make the most of all the technological development and energy efficiency opportunities on the raw material processing front, with electricity savings of up to 50 % and gas savings of 10–15 %. What’s more, high levels of process automation will reduce labour requirements by an impressive 67 %; additionally, there is guaranteed process repeatability, resulting in improved finished product quality. This project, then, is designed to lay the foundations for an ambitious programme that will strengthen operations in Brazil and allow the company to expand its position on high-end foreign markets. The installation of a new, complete high productivity line for both glazed porcelain tiles and monoporosa aims to achieve similar goals. At the heart of the line is a combination of Sacmi PH5000L presses, a dryer type ECP307, 28,2 m long and a firing solution consisting of a pre-kiln type JMC315, 14,7 m long and kiln type FMC 325, 161,7 m. The latter machines feature hot air recovery systems and other tech­nical innovations that, in addition to incredibly precise firing curve control, ensure production flexibility and optimised energy consumption. High productivity and efficiency also underpin the product handling and end-of-line solutions: a key part of the order, in fact, is the installation of lines for handling and storing semi-finished items before and after firing. Last but not least, there are also sorting and packaging lines designed by NuovaSima, the Sacmi Group company that specialises in the design of large-scale output handling management and end-of-line quality control solutions.

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