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SABO: New Brick Production in Turkey

In the autumn of 2015, SABO S.A./GR completed the installation of a new cutting line, rapid dryer and carried out the complete modernization of the tunnel kiln as well as of the unloading/packaging system in the Turkish company Yurtbay in Caysusma.

It is a project of 450 t/d and one of the modern production lines ever constructed in Turkey. Excepting the preparation plant and the kiln housing which were supplied by the local market, the rest of the manufacturing plants was delivered by SABO S.A. The same dryer has been used with success in Turkey, for the companies Kilsan and IPEK. It has a robust design with self-tensioning chains. The cutting line and the dryer loading and unloading system are the common plants developed by SABO and already used in multiple projects with great success. The use of one robot which completes the two-line programming benches for the setting machine, ensures the stability of a well-made packet ready to enter the kiln. The low consumption and simplicity in use of the plants is a great advantage. The project was completed with the modernization of the existing tunnel kiln processed by using natural gas. The SABO burner, the ventilator for the chimney, the energy recuperation system, the three axial fans for the kiln ceiling, the rapid cooling system as well as the re­cycling system in the preheating kiln zone ensure best results for well-fired products. The kiln has also an automatic regulation system. The packaging line uses one programming bench being loaded by one robot. Another robot is piling the programmed layers in order to create a final package on wooden pallets. A chain conveyor and a hooding machine complete the packaging line.

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